Storage system designed by Poul Cadovious

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Teak storage system designed by Danish Poul Cadovious.

Model: 0809.18.066

A new refurbished wall mount system i teak designed by Danish Poul Cadovious. The shelves and cabinets can be positioned in multible positions.

The system is new refurbished.

Materials are wood, veneer and metal (brass).

The system consists of:

2 pc. wall mount, 198 cm.

2  pc. shelves, 80 x 24 cm.

1 pc. magazine shelve 80 x 30 cm.

1 pc. display cabinet, 80 x 24 x 33,5 cm.

1 pc. cabinet, 80 x 40 x 51,5 cm.

Total system width 82 cm.